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Excel is a program that allows the organization of data in rows and columns, captured in spreadsheets as a basis for performing operations. In addition, it allows you to create mini charts, graphs and tables that synthesize and organize information, which saves time for large amounts of data. Likewise, you can make use of formulas and functions that suppress the process of mental calculation and reduce it to a simple logical process and cell selection. 


While Power BI is a software that allows you to analyze information interactively, it also synthesizes your information visually, making use of dynamic reports, connecting you to hundreds of data.

The main feature of Power BI is its Cloud implementation, as it allows data to be stored securely. Moreover, it can be shared with files belonging to Excel spreadsheets. In addition, it allows data to be visualized, shared and inserted into the application, desktop or web.

Differences between Excel and Power BI

Excel allows to show duplicate tables and Power BI does not.

Regarding applications, Power BI is ideal for dashboard alerts, kpi's and visualizations, including visual analysis of your data between Excel and Power BI. While Excel features newer charts, but they can't connect to the data model.

Power BI creates customized and interactive dashboards with the data. While Excel analyzes and performs functions on the spreadsheets.

Regarding the tabular style, Excel is more efficient than Power BI.

Processing is much faster in Power BI than in Excel.

Power BI handles BIG Data. 

Power BI is used to visualize data and share the dashboard with a large number of users, while Microsoft Excel is mainly used for driver analysis.

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